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15 Minutes… That’s All You Get

December 13, 2011

Today is going to be a work day, if I can just shake off this virtual hangover I’ve got due to the trouble I’ve had sleeping over the last week or so. I woke up at aroudn 2:30 AM and kept myself awake for a few hours until I felt dozey and relaxed enough to climb back into bed, around 5:30 AM, IIRC. I didn’t get up until shortly after 10 AM, which I thought would be good enough, but I’m starting to crash a bit. Caffeine seems to be broken and I’m not breathing so well this morning/afternoon. Maybe a short walk will do the trick. After this post, I’ll check on the money situationa nd go buy new filtes for the humidifiers. That should do the trick around here.

The resident panther has been playing with one of his little jingle balls for at least an hour. He’d gone off the things for quite a while, but in the last few weeks, he’s found renewed interest in chasing the noisy things around all hours of the day and night.

The resident ocelot has been caught stealing cellophane snow flakes from my wife‘s window display and stashing them under the furniture. She’s pretty, but kind of dense and silly.

Well,my wife is talking about taking the cats out for their walk. She’s also concerned about my filter-buying plan, due to how tight our funds are right now. *sigh* I guess I’ll have ot life with this sensation for a while.

Talk to you folks later. Thanks for reading.


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