Mirrors On The Ceiling And Pink Champagne On Ice

The weather over the past week here has been strange. It’s December. This is Canada. It ought to be snowing by now. We’ve been dusted once or twice, but really, nothing to write home to Mom about. The other day, I was outside with a teeshirt and cardigan, walking the cats (don’t look at me like that), and felt a little overdressed.

Today it’s cold and cloudy, but I’m pretty sure it’s not snow weather. I have a funny sense for these things, and snow weather just behaves differently. And besides, it’s a little chilly out, but I’m pretty sure it’s not cold enough for snow.

Mind you, the best way I know to tell if snow is coming is to actually get outside and breathe in the air. My sinuses have been shot for years, thanks to an undiagnosed infection (I have an appointment for January), but one of the few things I can still smell pretty clearly is a day when we can expect some snow. It’s a weird thing to be able to smell, and certainly not the super power I would have wished for, but hey, we can’t all get bitten by radioactive spiders and live.

So I’m playing The Eagles this morning (in case you hadn’t placed the title), and thinking that I might do some more work on Here It Comes Again today. I laid down a stronger acoustic guitar track, but it’s ever so slightly flawed, which might be okay, but might be problematic with the not-finished drum program track, so I may have to redo it again with the same settings and try to get it right. The bit I really want to retake is the electric guitar bit at the end. It sounded pretty cool for four bars the first time, but fell apart, and now I can’t even get the first four bars right, so I may have to try that again too. Not sure what I want to do about the slide guitar part in the middle. It’s sloppy, but I don’t think I can do better right now because I don’t have a proper slide. I used a kitchen implement last time. I might have a better tool out there, but it really ought to be smooth steel, brass or glass, rather than whatever I used last time, which barely worked. I also need ot practice the part and fix the bit at the end that doesn’t fit with the acoustic chord, which is audible now. And finally, my arranged keyboard bits at the end, the piccolo and horns, really aren’t very good. I wasn’t planning to keep those parts as performed anyway, but the longer I wait, the less satisfied I am with hearing them. I can replace them later; right now, I just want it to sound good, so I can play it for people and not cringe and get defensive.

Of course, the fly in the ointment here is that I still have books to work on, and I haven’t put in any time today. Need to get back to work on ASHES: Infinite Redress to make up for all of the lost time. I finished the glossary last night, but it might still need tweaking, and frankly, it’s time to set that aside and focus on the actual story again. Said story has been demanding more correction and attention to detail than I thought it would. Words and phrases that don’t fit anymore, now that the offending references have been removed; The occasional reference that I forgot to purge pops up because I only used it once in passing and then forgot about it. The story is still good, but it’s hard for me to read it these days because I wince too often, and really just want the thing straightened out before I go in and clean up the details. No such luck. No assistants. Just o solo mio.

And I’m behind schedule. I should be working on the final rewrites for The Bride of War. It shouldn’t take much mroe work, but I’m still waffling about the middle chapter and the epilogue, both of which are a little too much tell and not enough show.

With any luck, all of the books will still get published this year. I’m determined to see it through. But it does seem to be like being in that hallway that telescopes out into infinity the moment you start walking.

Time to get to it, I suppose. Thank you for reading.



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