It’s Clouds’ Illusions I Recall

Hoping you’ll pardon me, but I’m a bit warm and tired, my brain isn’t processing so well, and I have a lot of work to do today, so I won’t be writing a long post today.

I’m listening to Levin Torn White, and it’s pretty interesting, Crimsonian stuff. Could easily have been a Projekct, even if only one Crim is involved. I recommend it to anyone who likes some oomph with their braincandy, and don’t mind pointy music. I plan on writing a proepr review of this album in the near future. Maybe tomorrow. Not today.

I’m almost half way through the revisions for Infinite Redress, and the glossary is probably complete, unless I stumble across a few more alien terms between now and the finish line, which is entirely possible.

I do wish this weather would improve. The dull overcast sky is not welcome today. It’s making me drowsy despite an adequate level of sleep. I may need more caffiene to go witht he caffeine that has already gone down the shaft to wake the fallen miners who feed the coal that keeps this flesh machine running. I could probably use something to eat, too. The bagel from three or four hours ago is no longer cutting it.

I started the design for this year’s card last night, which may or may not feature Zoe in some fashion, but will definitely have a lot of hand lettering and pencil rendering.

Warehouse 13’s Christmas episode was pretty light and weird, but I’m still rather enjoying the fourth season of Eureka, even if I don’t want to watch more than two or three episodes a night, tops. It’s a series I’m enjoying, but it only occasionally gets so good that I just want to keep going.

I’ve started reading Jim Butcher’s first Dresden Files book again; I started reading Stome Front over a year or two ago, but couldn’t get into the first person pov of the tone of the book, which for me was a bit too Film Noir Lite, after having come off of reading Dashiell Hammett. It’s been a while since then, and Butcher’s style is going down much smoother this time, thankfully.

Okay, time to quit blogging and get back to work. Thanks for reading.


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