Half of Us Divided Like a Torn Up Photograph

Well, after a bit of reading and some deliberation, I decided that the Bride of War wasn’t going to get any better without rewriting the whole thing one line at a time, which is kind of silly because it’s not one of those stories that needs to be fussed over too much. It’s an introductory volume. It can afford to be a bit loose and broad.

So I’m saving the rewritten epilogue idea for a novelette to be released next year, and I’m leaving the exposition-heavy middle chapter alone, to give Bishop Alaric his day in the sun. The Bride of War is done. It just needs for me to finish the cover, which requires an illustration to show through the front cover design I created.

On the same note, Terminal Monday is also done. I finished the rewrites to the last trouble chapter just a few minutes ago. That book aslo already has its cover, so it’s good to go. I’d feel better about it if I had some friends to read through it to give it the thumbs up, but that’s just not practical at this time.

I guess I’ll spend the rest of the next few days preparing the Christmas card and the book cover illo, and then get myself some Guinness and celebrate the completion of my Year One plan. It would probably feel more legitimqte if I had money to show for it, and even a few printed editions would be sweet, but frankly, there was never any question of getting that far this year. We’ll see what the new year brings, besides many more titles to work on and hopefully finish and put out.

Think I’m gonna go make my wife’s coffee and maybe lay down for a bit. I have at least one errand to run today, but I’m really not in any condition to be trucking around just now.

Thanks for reading.


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