Ebb and Flow, Let It Go

Well, today was my big day–released Ashes: Infinite Redress, The Bride of War AND Terminal Monday, all at once–and you know, it’s a bit weird. None of the celebratory rituals seem to have sparked off that sense of accomplishment. Instead, I’m sitting in bed with the laptop, looking over my next book, which I guess will be the second LinkTales volume, if I don’t get back to work on Author Unknown and The Uninvited Guest first. I also still have three more anthologies of short stories that are almost ready to go, which i should also be spending some time with. It would be nice to have a few more books up by the summer.

It’s hard to believe that, after trying so many projects this year, I wound up going back to prose fiction. And the times, they are a-changin’.

Looks like I got a few hits today. Thank you. Still haven’t sold you any books, though. *le sigh* Tomorrow?

I guess I’ll have to get started on the next phase of my plan to publish all of my backlog of stories and ideas that should hav ebeen stories. It’s hard to think clearly about it, because I’ve been in sort of a narrow tunnel looking for the light these past few months. I siwh I could leave some of this work to someone else. There’s clerical and promotional work, and there’s also soem transcribing that still has to get done. One day, I’ll be successful enough to hire an assistant. One day…

*goes to happy place*


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