I’m Lying Here In Bed, Swear My Skin Is Inside Out, Just Another Sunday Morning

Well, okay, I’m actually not in bed; I’m sitting in a darkened dining room at my desk, and I’ve begun editing and considering what to do with my story about Angela of the Sisterhood of Avalonis. I’ve decided that, owing to the fact that I don’t seem to have described Angela with any great detail in her introductory story, I’m actually free to make her look any way I like. I have chosen to make her another heavy woman, in the interests of honouring the Big Beautiful You Pledge.

See, these stories I’m anthologizing are either finished stories that got mothballed because the rest of the book was not forthcoming (these LinkTales are all essentially projects dreamed up for the LinkWorlds RPG series, now more or less indefinitely on hiatus until Rod comes back to work and we find and agree on a new RPG mechanic to work with. I want a brand new one, based more on Story Games than RPGs; Rod wants something familiar he can adapt. Years have been wasted trying to get the rights to use a dead system I’ve never used. *shrug*

This is why LinkTales exists, folks. It’s not what it was supposed to be (i.e. Interactive Storytelling), but it allows me to write the stories I’ve been waiting to write for the games all these years. We can always return to them if we ever get back to work.

So yeah, LinkTales volume two is open on my laptop, and I’ve begun remolding Angela to be a big girl, because really, there’s no reason she can’t be, and in fact, thinking of her as heavy gives me a mental image I can really see int eh role. She’s big and bold and brassy and takes no shit form anyone. She’s big but she’s not weak or non-athletic. You take her on at your own risk. She can break you in half. She climbs, shoots a bow and arrow, fights with swords, has an arsenal of weaponry including a bladed fan, and she’s one of the most powerful sisters of her generation. I intend for her to show up at least one more time in the next few years, in The Shadow Sygne, along with The Bride of War’s children of Martin Gorman, on vacation from Aachen.

Volume two looks to have about sixteen chapters planned so far, three of which have already been written, as they are the introductory stories I wrote for the abandoned books Link: Cutthroat and Link: Saddlebags. There may be more stories and more chapters by the time I’m finished. I have quite a few ideas of what I wanted to have in place for Link: West that never got executed in any way, shape or form. Mostly world building stuff, but with stories to back up the world building. Big believer in ‘Show Me, Don’t Tell Me’, yeah?

Alright, I need somethign to eat and I need caffeine. More later, I suspect. Ta.


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