How Could I Ever Forget You?

So I’ve been trying to decide all morning (and afternoon so far) what to post about, because I’ve got a lot of work to do and a headache making it difficult to do any work. Howeverr, it might nto hurt to tell you where the work is at.

It occurs to me that I told you folks I have about a dozen or so new stories to tell in the next volume of LinkTales. Turns out I was wrong. I have almost THIRTY new sotries to tell. I may have to split this one up into two separate volumes, which is ironic, considering I once thought I’d be able to get all of my Link leftovers into one or maybe two volumes at most. I just hadn’t been thinking about how many stories had occurred to me back when we were planning the original manuals these stories would have wound up in.

I’m actually considering asking Rodney if he has any story ideas he wants to contribute to this book, since it would be a chance for him to unload as well. I doubt he has anything, but still, it would be a nice bit of redressing the balance if he got to contribute this time around, since we’ve been trying to get this series up and runnign for years with little success.

My wife pointed out a few major flaws with my ebook file of ASHES: Infinite Redress, so I’ve been sporadically trying to fix it. If you should happen to buy a copy before I finish making the repairs and upload the new version, don’t worry, because as I understand it, Smashwords allows you to update your file for free.

Finally, I’m sipping cream of chicken soup, listening to Derek & the Dominos (again), and wondering if it’s ever going to snow here this year.

So, what are you doing?


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