Did I HappenTo Mention…

…that with LinkTales volume 2, I’m not only staring down the barrel of writing 27 original short stories and one novella, but I’m also still toying with a freebie gift I mentioned some weeks ago, which is now entitled Child of the Flickering Lights of Limbo, a collection of short pieces of fanfic I’ve either written or will write, which I only plan to share with close fans of my work… for free.

I’m still trying to decide what I consider to be a good method of determining if you’re a fan of my writing or not, but I’d hate to create a test, because frankly, tests suck, and I don’t miss them one bit myself, so why would I put any of you through them?

I suppose what I could do is offer up a challenge: write and email me a fanfic of one of MY stories, and I will send you a copy of my fanfic collection.

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good way to go about it. After all, it kills two birds with one stone: I get to make sure you’re a fan (who else would write me fanfic?), and you get repaid with fanfic I’ll be writing that I promise none of you will have ever read before (plus some older bits some of you definitely have).

So far, it looks like there are six fanfic stories from the last decade (which I shared with my friends on LiveJournal) and six brand new ones, four of which I just thought of after I woke up early this morning. I won’t tell you what they’ll be about (I’m still ironing that part out myself) but I will tell you that I will be writing stories for some very unlikely fandoms, including the Max Headroom TV series, The Marx Brothers, The Police’ Syncronicity album, the movie Metropolis and The (original) Prisoner TV series.

Oh, and one Doctor Who companion buddy flick fanfic, because a friend requested it, and she already qualifies for receiving the collection, since she wrote me a Terminal Monday fanfic ages ago.

In other, slightly less ‘up’ news, I’ve been thinking I might not start the Author Unknown anthology project as soon as I’d hoped, in part because I have a lot to do already, and in part because, to be honest, the turnout for potential contributors was a bit of a letdown. I got two serious offers (thanks, you two), and a couple of soft offers from friends I’d really hoped would be more keen, but not much else, and not from certain of my colleagues whom I’d hoped would take a casual interest. Without more people, it just seems like I’ll wind up writing most of the stories myself anyway, so why bother involving anyone? Maybe later, or maybe I’ll just stick to writing the first volume myself and see if that catches some people’s imaginations for a second volume. We’ll see.

I should probably go put some clothes on (it’s kind of chilly this morning) and sort out what to write for Eddie’s post.


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