She Will Have Her Way, and I Will Still Believe Her

No work today. It’s my birthday, and I’m exhausted and groggy, so I’m taking the day off.

It’s a quietish Monday afternoon, and we’ve been to our local dismal grocery store for celery and junk food to supplement our turkey dinner, which will be a small affair made from a turkey about the size of a frying chicken. I don’t care; I just want turkey, and my wife cooks a great turkey, so this will be dandy.

We’ve had the traditional phone call from Dawn’s Mom in Queens, and now we can relax and just let the day happen. I’m waiting to watch Doctor Who, which was interrupted earlier by just about everyone.

Haven’t heard from my buddy Gary, and I haven’t heard from Derrick. It’s okay. I needed new material to shame them into doing work for me for free with.

Listening to Neil Finn and catching my breath before we take the cats out for their walk. We rather enjoy the funny looks we sometimes get, even from people who have seen us do so before. The conversations it strikes up are extraordinary at times, after you get past the whole ‘I could never get my cat to do that’. The trick, as with most things, is to Get Them While They’re Young. Your furniture will thank you.

I feel like I could go for another nap. I officially declare this cup of steeped hot tea to be broken. Damn defective caffeine… ought to be banned.

I hope everyone had a fine Christmas, and that none of the wounds were too severe.

Talk to you later.


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