When Time Turns Around

in about 42 minutes, I turn 41. I missed counting down to my 40th birthday, which was just as well because I was in no state to be charming this time last year. 40 was hard for me. These days, I’m looking forward to the future with a mix of fear and excitement. I’m finally doing what I feel I must, and thign sare happening, ever so slowly. I’d feel better if I knew there were more people coming along for the journey, or at least keen enough to support the campaign.

And so it goes.

Would it interst you to knwo that I’ve published a movie review on a friend’s website? It’s over here. It’s not my usual format, so I’m not sure if you’ll care for it, but anyway, go have a look. I can wait.

Back yet? Good.

I’ve been thinking, and I wouldn’t mind if you spoke up and told me what you think (all eight of you). Would it suck completely if I got some ad space on the site? I know, it soudns kind of like a cop out, only really, I’m in rough financial shape these days. Sorry if I’m bringing you down, man. I just need a leg up, and even pennies would be an improvement.

27 minutes to go. I’m eating nachos with store-bought seven layer dip. It’s pretty good, but truthfully, I’m just in the mood to go home. However, my family are determined to keep me here until I turn 41.

Listening to a rather large collection of extended pieces by Anthony Phillips. Some fo them are multi-part suites, while others are simply extended compositions of between 7 and 30 minutes. I guess you’d say that, despite the fact that he’s written for pop and for television library music, Ant still dabbles in progressive pieces on a fairly regular basis, which is nice,as he is a hero fo mine, and it’s nice to know my hero is still fighting the fight in his own good time.

17 minutes. I’m talking to a dear friend about her plans to leave her home city and go to school elsewhere, most likely in America, which I think is very cool and very scary at the same time. I like knowing my friends and family are safe.

14 minutes, and my mother is a little upset with the party downstairs, so she’s sitting here griping with me. This is the sort of thing I usually like to be home avoiding.

10 minutes. I can feel things getting more tense. Now my sister is with us, arguing.

7 minutes. My sister went back downstairs. Mom’s still ranting. Can’t get a word in edgewise. Not sure I want to.

6 minutes. Mom is upset that it’s not even her friends’ Christmas.

4 minutes. I’m getting angry and snapping back. I just want to go home.

2 minutes. Mom is playing oldies and waxing nostalgic. And now it’s getting maudlin.

1 minute. Mom is getting on my nerves.

12:00. I’m 41.

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas.


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