Can This Be True? Does It Ever Happen To You?

I’m enjoying a quiet morning with my mate, listening to slightly crunchy prog from the early 80s by Eddie Jobson, a keyboard player and violinist of legend in progressive rock circles.

Eddie played with Roxy Music, Frank Zappa, UK, and Jetrho Tull amongst others, as well as his own solo project ‘Zinc’, a solo recording for Private Music, and most recently in a project called UKZ, with Marco Minneman, Trey Gunn, a vocalist I don’t really know (Adam Lippert), and an amazing Austrian guitarist I’m getting more familiar with now, Alex Machacek. UKZ sounds like a rather deep mix of King Crimson and Nine Inch Nails to my ears. I find I’m hoping they reunite and do a proper studio album, rather than just an EP, nice though that was.

Listening to Zinc now, I’m struck by how it sounds like an offshoot of the Buggles+Yes Drama period, which suits me just fine. I find myself a bit embarrassed that it’s taken me this long to find this album. I guess Eddie’s reputation as a bit of a prima donna has probably been keeping me at bay. I suppose I’ve done him a disservice, as the music certainly sounds good to my ears, and it isn’t all a showcase for his violin and keyboard playing; The pieces actually sound really cool and certainly give the rhythm section something interesting to do.

I’d probably enjoy writing a review of the whole UK/Asia/Drama/Buggles/Zinc/90125 axis, if I thought there was anyone other than me who would give a damn.

As it is, I should be writing short fiction today. Here’s hoping I can get my brain around something and get some work done. Thanks for reading.


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