And Now For Something Completely Different

Haven’t been feeling much like blogging in the last few days. I’m still working on stuff, but at a much slower rate than I’d hoped. There’s been a general lack of focus and energy, which I suppose could be chalked up to family holiday activities, and as well to some lingering health problems. The trouble I was having with my stomach has returned, and I’m in a fair bit of discomfort right now. I’d whine about it, but really, I don’t know that it isn’t just part of the ongoing problems with my plumbing, which seems to want to retire early. Seems a bit premature to be suffering Old Man Complaints, but then, I AM in my early 40s, so I suppose it’s right on schedule. Gonna be a long haul to the finish line at this rate, though.

In actual news, I’ve decided that The Shadow Sygne needs more time to bake in the oven, so I’ve set it aside and opened up a few other projects that need tending to.

First off is The Uninvited Guest, a Sterling Carcieri Mystery. It’s currently broken into four overlapping parts, like the screens of a multi-colour printing process, with individual sections slightly fuzzing at the edges to make it feel as if every quarter is self-contained, until you match the timelines up and notice how much stuff REALLY happened in a day. Despite the fact that I didn’t really want to break it up at first, I now think I prefer the idea of it being four parts too much to go back to it being all one novel, largely because it took me months to separate and finish plotting it.

That said, I’ll have to give some consideration to the final collection process, and whether it will remain four parts, or one carefully restitched compilation. Either way, it’s going to take me some time to write, and editing is going to suck massively. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to hire an editor to go over my stuff for me and speed up the editing process to something more reasonable than one-to-four months to write a novel and two years to edit it.

The second volume of LinkTales is planned more or less, but I’m having trouble getting my head into the game enough to start cranking out the short stories. The total number of stories is currently forty-two (42), and while that seems like a lot, most of those stories are supposed to be roughly two thousand words long, with only three or four extending beyond that. It’s my hope to get the whole thing done in about ninety-thousand words, but it’ll probably be closer to one hundred thosuand words, which isn’t too bad, and will make up for the first volume being so short and consisting of mainly recycled material.

I’m hoping that most of the stories will continue the feel of vignettes into a larger story that I achieved with The Dark Guild. It’s not the way people like their novels to read, and I’d certainly like to do a more expanded version of TDG to tell more of the story I’d wanted to, but I’m actually going to be telling more bits in the second volume, so it’ll have a nice continuity for those who have read the first volume (hint hint).

The thing is, over time, I’ve grown to appreciate the degree of closure invested into TDG, where you kind of need to fill in the blanks yourself, though the lion’s share of the story is already written. So many more stories can be told in the same vein, which rather leaves it open to revisitation, as well as fanficcing, which I’m not averse to, though I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read any of it unless it’s written by close friends.

And finally, I’m starting to look at Author Unknown again. I’m thinking it’s something I have to write alone after all, despite some initial interest expressed by some writer friends in writing for the series. I’d love to read other writers’ takes on the character, but I suppose I’ll have to demonstrate the formula myself first time around, so they get the idea. I’ll have to pay careful attention to changing things up with each outing, to give it enough variation.

I’d been thinking it would wind up as an anthology, but really, I’m starting to think that it might have to be a series of novellas, simply because I’m having trouble envisioning them as short stories at this point. I’m going to try to keep them short if I can, but I haven’t got the stories as clearly embedded as I had when I first conceived the project. I just think it will be a great series when I get the first ‘season’ finished, however long it actually takes me to do it.

So there. Still too much on my plate, and I haven’t worked out when or how I’m going to get back to The Devil’s Cabinet Maker. Ashes is waiting in the wings, as are my three short story anthologies, which I will also get done and published some time in the next eight to twelve months; maybe sooner. I want more readers, and I need more books on the shelves ot achieve that goal, it seems.

I also need to figure out some other cool ways I can promote my books, because I’m actually burning out on all of this blogging and social networking, much of which doesn’t seem to be going very far. I’ve made so few sales from this method that clearly I need to find some other methods to increase my visibility. I’m thinking promo videos on Youtube next, though I have to do some basic concept work to get my ideas for book videos together.

Not sure if I’ll get someone who does video to help me, or if I’ll just do everything myself. I’ve got the design chops, but I’ve never made a video before. It’s been on my list for a while though. Doing the grunt work and learning the ropes myself might be just the thing the band needs to promote our songs better. So conquering video has multiple benefits. Maybe I can even use some of my songs to enhance the videos, which would be cool.

Anyway, it’s time to get to work. This caffeine isn’t doing as much for me as I’d hoped, but work needs to start happening again. Thanks for reading. Seeya later.


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