And Maybe You Can See The Morning Shine Again

I apologize for not posting today. I’ve spent the better part of the last few days wrestling with stomach pain and another dull, unwanted Windows install. Hopefully I won’t need to go through that again for some time, but personally, I’m half convinced that my computer wants to run Linux, and doesn’t care if I need Adobe Creative Suite to do graphics work (which I still get paid to do on occasion).

I suspect that one of the reasons I enjoy using the PowerBook to write with is, I don’t have any huge pieces of software on here making the system run slow. Probably the flabbiest piece of bloatware in here is Microsoft Office for Mac, which the previous owner generously left on, and which I uncharacteristically presciently decided not to remove. I don’t use it to write; Word is a lousy program to actually write stories in, and I don’t understand any of my friends who do. I use programs like EditPad Lite and yWriter 5 in Windows, and I use Scrivener in Mac OSX. These programs allow me to organize lots of notes and chapters allon the same page so I can focus on what I’m doing without having to stop and open reference documents or flip through numerous taskbar labels to find the right document. Plus, really, I don’t like having too many word processor tools to get in my way when I’m actually writing, as it breaks me out of the moment of creation, which I hate.

No, I use Word strictly for editing, because the final document everyone wants from me is a Doc file; after I’ve done all of the writing I can stand, I output my story to Word and start the long, slow, dull process of touching it up until it’s as shiny as I can stand. My patience is a very important factor here, and I find that, rather than being patient and wise, I am more easily bored and irritated than I used to be. And editing interests me in the same way that sinus surgery does.

Which reminds me… I am seeing an ENT on the 9th, to verify whether or not I have a sinus infection, and what can be done to remedy it at this point.

Anyway, I’m tired and I was planning on getting a bit more writing done on LinkTales tonight before bed, but frankly, I’m thinking bed soudns good right now. I’ll probably be up in just a handful of hours, as I keep refusing to leave the apartment long enough to fill my prescription for sleeping pills. No idea why. But anyway, sleep beckons and I’m not well enough to resist.

So good night to you all, and thank you for reading. With any luck, I’ll be up to writing my regular blogs tomorrow as well.


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