Free eBook?

I have a multitude of things to do today, but one of the things I’m thinking about is setting the price for my first ebook novella, Terminal Monday: Under Observation, at $0.00 for a few weeks, just to give peoplea proper taste of my fiction.

What I want to know before I do this is, do any of you want me to make the ebook free, so you can read it? Is it a good idea? Am I wasting my time? C’mon, isn’t it about time someone gave me some proper feedback on this blog? 😉

Okay, back to the salt mines.



  1. I don’t actually read e-books myself, but I’m of the opinion that giving away free stuff can be a great marketing tool. Once I’ve published my first book, I’m going to release a collection of short stories as a free e-book, to give people an idea of my writing. So I think it’s a good idea, even if Luddites like me are not in the target audience. 🙂

    1. Jan, believe me, I want everyone to read my books, so there is no specific target audience as of yet. I just don’t want to get into a bad publishing contract that won’t give me specific ebook rights, where I stand to make a really substantial amount of money if I develop a readership. That said, I will be releasing stuff to Createspace soonish, so there will be PoD treeware for all you Luddites. 😉 Just, you know, not this weekend.

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