Walking Through the Starry Door

I try to maintain the blogs I do because I want folks to get to know me better, and in doing so, take a chance on reading the fiction I write, or looking at the things I create that aren’t stories, or listening to the things I make that aren’t visual at all. That’s what this blog is all about. I sometimes suspect that people aren’t aware of that.

Something else I suspect people aren’t aware of is that I’m willing to answer questions. Any questions, really. I don’t know what makes a Higgs Boson particle appear, and I don’t know who shot John F. Kennedy, but I know a little, and I’m willing to have a dialogue about stuff I’ve written here, whether you agree with me or not. Obviously I would love it if more people agreed with me, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

The point is, talk to me. This blog is enabled for comments, and I really don’t mind taking a few minutes to ask questions or thank you for compliments, or, if required, explain why I did or said something you didn’t appreciate. I’m a pretty open book. Give it a shot.

In other news, still no whiplash. I suspect life has been kind for a change.

Back to work.


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