Controlled Chaos Can Be Beautiful

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I’ve been working pretty hard to get The Bride of War ready for print.

I wasn’t originally going to create a print-ready version of any of the novels, but there have been a few too many ‘I’ll buy one when it’s in print’ excuses, so I’m going to test that theory and see if it’s necessary to have a print version to make money. Frankly, I’m betting it won’t pay off, but I’m willing to take a stab at it if it will make my friends happy. More than anything else I’m doing, I just want to see the books sell.

I’m still listening to The Memorials album. Good music to get the blood pumping while I write. The more I hear it, the  more awestruck I am at how strong and unique it is.

I suppose the next album I’m looking forward to is Big Wreck’s ‘comeback’ album in March. I hope to have all of my current review list completed by then. I have albums from 2011 left to do, plus a few from 2010 and even 2009 that I really want to review at long last. I even plan on doing some classic rock album reviews, so there’s plenty of that left to come, for those who have been tuning in for album reviews.

I’m going to have to spend some time today doing something I haven’t done in a while: draw a serious illustration. I need armoured soldiers and a molten metal-breathing dragon for the cover of The Bride of War. Should be a real test to see if I can pull that off without too much research. If I get to researching stuff, I’ll lose hours of time. Best I just BS my way through it and hope for the best. I might also draw a map. And then there is the matter of a couple of logos I’ve been procrastianting on. So it might wind up being a fair bit of drawing, today.

On the music front, I didn’t really leave Gary too much to do musically yesterday, but he figured out something he can do; he’s going to rehearse a 12-string acoustic part for the ‘acoustic’ take of Here It Comes Again. I say acoustic, but of course, I’ve got it all running to an electronic drum pattern at the moment. However, I might slip in a hand drum and pull out the drum track if I can just get a decent performance. I don’t own an acoustic bass, but my violin bass, which I believe I recorded the bass line on (I’ve forgtten, but I may have put the BB300 back into service, because it was the bass I recorded the original demo on back in 1995-6) is hollow, so it gets a nice acoustic tone when I need it to (also makes recordign straight to the multitrack a bit of a bitch). Might record a second bassline with a fretless sound to give it a standup bass feel. We’ll see.

I’m still writing short stories for several anthologies. I’m mainly focussing on LINKTALES VOLUME TWO, but I still have plans to get the Limbo titles out soon, too. I don’t have a proper time table for this batch, which is probably bad for me. I know LinkTales will take me at least a few months to complete, and that what I really need to do is focus on the shorter anthologies, because I can get those out the door faster and hopefully make my book stores look more comprehensive. The more books, I’m told, the more likely you are to inspire a sale. I’m currently being distributed on Smashwords, Kobo Books, and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Not sure if there are any other networks I should be checking out, though Smashwords said they have a pretty wide network. Still haven’t seen much in the way of sales, though…

When I do get these anthologies done, it’s back to work on AUTHOR UNKNOWN and Sterling Carcieri’s THE UNINVITED GUEST. I figure that, if I can get the first Author book and perhaps the first of the Guest quadriptych done this year, I might even be able to squeeze in some time on THE DEVIL’S CABINET MAKER, a book I started writing years ago when I polled my LiveJournal friends to see which story premsie struck them as the most interesting. Most of the story premises that didn’t win the poll have been incorporated into Author, but there were a few premises that got worked into other stuff, including the Limbo books.

Still, I’d like to finish Devil and clear the decks for THE SHADOW SYGNE, which I’m gonna try to work as an interactive ebook. I may also do the same thing with the next two installments of ASHES, but I’m not sure. I’d conceived Ashes to be interactive, but when I wrote the first part, it hadn’t yet become Ashes as I know it now. Part one has a curious, somewhat challenging structure, but that’s not quite the same thing.

For the time being, my interactive graphic novels are waiting for me to get the technology sorted. I’ve been thinking it would be cool to do it in EPUB format, but so far, I haven’t cracked that nut. When I figure out how to embed arranged, hotlinked images into EPUB, then I’ll know whether I can proceed with the current plan, or if I need to rethink again.

This would probably be purely academic if Flash didn’t give me such headaches. I look forwawrd to seeing HTML5 completely eclipse Flash as a graphical web animation/interaction protocol, but so far, I’m not seeing it. I even once considered making PDFs, but really, I don’t like PDF all that much, though I use them a lot. I might do a PDF version if I can figure out how to make it all work, but I think I’d honestly prefer a format that isn’t so pushy. We’ll see.

Well, the Memorials album just finished. I’m gonna switch over to something else and work on the EddieMackAvenue article du jour. Thanks for reading. Hope you’re having a fine day.


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