And over on LimboInteractive, I’ve started publishing an amusing series of articles about my failed efforts to be a game developer.


Did I ever tell you that I’ve been a failed game developer for over two decades?

Yeah, not exactly something you brag about or put on your CV. But honestly, I think people who write a whole book about something they’ve never tried their hand at doing/making/being may sound pretty intelligent and perhaps even insightful, but not particularly honest or useful. I didn’t set out to write a book about Interactive Storytelling; I stumbled into it after years of trying to figure out how to actually make interactive stories. However, I can’t sit here and tell you I’ve had a wild and varied career as a game developer, because the truth is far more disappointing.

The thing about LimboInteractive is it’s essentially my kinds of stories, but told in an interactive, multi-pathed fashion. This notion—more like a brand, because I seem to brand everything I do—of telling stories interactively…

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