It Was One of Those Days

So I’ve decided to put Terminal Monday: Under Observation back up to $2.99 USD today. I saw a handful of people DL’d it during the free promo phase, but I haven’t heard much about it yet, so I just sort of figured there wasn’t enough interest, and frankly, it’s my best seller, so to speak, so I figured I’d put it back and make what little money I can until people start telling me what they thought.

Aside from the BRIDE cover art I’m trying to get done, I’ve also been poking gamely at LinkTales volume Two, but it’s been hard to get anything done. I haven’t been feeling my best, and the sleeping meds I take these days make me drowsy for most of the day. This doesn’t really help with the productivity levels. I posted one of the short stories that did get finished the other day, but as near as I can tell, only four people read it. Sadness. I shudder to think what the sales figures will be like if people don’t even want to read it for free.

Is Treeware THAT important to you people? I like books too, but really, Save The Trees, gang! E-Readers are going for $70-120 bucks CAD, and you can load a library in there and get loads of freebies and low priced ebooks for the price you spend on three to eight books in a year. Plus, if you get a proper e-ink ereader, you can adjust the fonts and all that stuff and run it off one charge for weeks, unlike tablets, which last hours and hurt your eyes like computer screens do.

Okay, I’m supposed to be drawing. Headache is starting to fade at last. Still feel groggy though. Talk to you later.


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