Taking Care of Business, Baby

Okay, so I’ve scheduled the next segment of LimboInteractive history to be posted at 10AM, and I’ve also added two more segments on Redefining Interactivity, which takes me to the end of my notes. I’ll have to dig up the rest of my notes to see where I was supposed to take that series next. Should be coming up on actual storytelling soonish, but I may have jumped the gun there. It’s probably board games. *checks* Ah yeah, Casual gaming, with board games as the first part. maybe I’ll just write all four segments as one article and end it quick.

I also have a plan for a couple of movie reviews for Rodney’s http://www.TheMovieSnitch.com classic movie review series. I get to cheat just a little bit, because the very next movie I’m reviewing is a brand new film up for Oscar nominations and everything this year. It’s just that it’s a mostly-silent black and white movie, so I HAVE to review it. My therapist told me so. Well, no, he didn’t, but I’m sure he’d approve anyway. He likes when I keep busy, just so long as I keep taking my meds and don’t go running through the streets naked.

Finally, I really do have to get that drawing I’ve been talking about done. I’ve taken steps to ensure that nothing deters me this time, though I may have to stop listening to Urge Overkill and make some caffeine shortly, or I’ll be back in Headache City, population Me.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I got the InDesign file version of The Bride of War formatted properly. I know how to make print book page layouts now. I’m so damned clever, really.

No plans to make music today, but then, I’m hoping Gary makes it over to work tomorrow. He promised me a 12-string part for the acoustic version of Here It Comes Again. I may still do the hand drum part for that too. And then there’s the final touch, which involves me singing one more harmony part over top of the other one, which I’ve been hearing in my head for years and won’t be happy until it’s in there.

This laptop keeps making double returns when I hit enter. Very frustrating.

The 1991 Urge Overkill album, the Supersonic Storybook, was actually quite good. I hadn’t really heard it before, so I hadn’t really realized that. Coolness.

My wife wants me to start doing yoga again. She hopes I’ll do it in the morning while she’s asleep. Frankly, I’m not feeling it yet. I just feel like I’m supposed ot be writing right now. Funny how that works.

Speaking of writing, I’m kind of stuck on a few stories in LinkTales volume two. I’ve got a numbe rof them on the go at present, but haven’t been able to focus enough to get any work done on any one of them in almost a week. Very frustrating. At least two of the stories I’m telling have some really nice bits in them that help fill in the gaps in The Bride of War. I’ve been wanting to write these stories for years. So it’s doubly frustrating to see them half finished day after day, with no idea what i was going to write next. Focus is needed. Soon, I hope. Soon.

Okay, it’s time for caffeine. I’ll be back if I think of anything else to say that I forgot in this post. Seeya.


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