Eddie’s rejoinder to my previous post:

Eddie Mack Avenue

…is that there is absolutely nothing I can consciously do to provoke interest in what I write and distribute on the internet. It’s the opposite side of the same coin, really. No way to gauge what really works. The metrics are too broad. There might be some scientist with an algorithm program so sophisticated that she can anticipate what Wil Wheaton will blog about next, when Warren Ellis will next post about drinking single malt scotch, or when Amanda Palmer will next post pictures of her naked body, but I suspect even that program would get it wrong some of the time. It’s all up for grabs, as near as I can tell, and at the same time, there can be no real way of making the internet love what you have written.

Even me mentioning those names won’t really do a thing for me. Not really. If I tag…

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