Last part of the series where I talk about my failed career as a game developer. Bracing stuff. 😉


The Little Engine That (Almost) Could

The final chapter of this saga started as a series of discussions I’d had after I moved on from the Longest Journey forums to The Adventure Gamers forums, where I ran into some old friends, but mainly made a number of new friends, including young Deirdra Kiai. Deirdra is an independent game developer who holds a diploma in computer engineering, and has the numerical value of Pi memorized to a fairly obscene decimal point (although she confesses she’s lost some of it in recent years). She’s also a musician and composer, and has written a rather lovely novella for NaNoWriMo, which she has not published as of yet.

About the only thing she can’t do is make me finish a game in a timely fashion, which is unfortunate, because we’ve collaborated on a few really interesting ideas, and only one of them has seen…

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