For the record, I added a new page link to My Book Shelf. It’s several weeks away from completion, but I wanted to start linking excerpts for the LinkTales Volume Two collection. I may add a few more pieces over the next few months, as they become available and I deem them to be cool but safe for posting. It IS an anthology, but there are threads that run through many of the stories, and a continuing narrative from older (and future) works. It’s the kind of anthology that can only be done when the writer or writers are trying to tell a much broader tale using short stories as building blocks, which is an experiment I suddenly find myself eager to try, just to see if I can do it.

I have a handful of Limbo Anthologies that are nearing completion, but in many ways, LinkTales is the most important thing I’m working on at present, because it will feature so many brand new stories and fill in so many gaps in my previous Link Worlds works. I don’t want to spend all year on it, as I DO intend to release those other anthos shortly.

As well, I want to get back to work on at least The Uninvited Guest, which is starting to grab my attention again. I figure it’ll be another month or two before I start reinvestigating that work, but I look forward to seeing it coming together. Not sure how fast the four parts will be done, and when I’ll release them. I may wait until all four parts are done and release them at one time, or I may stagger them after I’ve finished them, just to give readers a chance to absorb each part separately.

I MAY restart working on Author Unknown as well, but I’m no longer in a rush to get that series done, since I’ve scrapped the idea of working with other writers on the series, for the time being. I’d be better off writing them as a series of novellas and keeping the project to myself for now, since only one writer was serious about working with me. I can always publish contributors’ stories under their own names as novelettes, or pack them into an anthology if they turn out to be mainly short stories. Time will tell.

I’m not dead set against collaborations and such, but most of the writers I asked sort of flaked or vaguely nodded and then scurried away, which tells me they felt obliged to agree, which is something I can’t use. Either you’re excited to work on a group project, or I let you off the hook. Which is what I did, in case you’re wondering why I haven’t contacted you, whomever you are.

Not doing a Passive Aggressive flail here, no matter how it looks. I just can’t carry a project that big if there are people involved dragging their feet. I can write it faster myself in the time it takes to pull fiction out of a reluctant writer friend, and spare the friendships while I’m at it. If I haven’t already lost them.

I just thought it would be fun to lead the charge and give my unpublished friends a project to work towards. Taht’s why I didn’t even try asking published friends. They don’t need a project to get them started.

So yeah, Author Unknown is on hiatus for a little bit, but if things look good, I may get back to work on that sometime durign the summer or fall, while I work on the novels. I find that switching gears when I get stuck can sometimes help me keep things rolling.

However, as I really want to get The Devil’s Cabinet Maker done this year, too, I may have to just take each part of GUEST as it comes. I figure I’ll be through with these anthos before summer, by which time I should be ahrd at work on GUEST, and in the fall I’ll switch over to DEVIL. Two novels and four anthos before Christmas ought to be a nice number of publications this year, don’tcha think?

Time to get back to work. Soundgarden demands more fiction with blood and fear in it. How can I refuse?


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