One Of Those Days – Adrian Belew

“I guess,” God said,
“It’s time to let the little people have
The salad days
Somebody cut the rain
Let there be lawn chairs in the shade
For everyone
Be sure to give it the works
The barbecues and the fireworks
And make certain the night is fair
For my lovers in pairs
I’ll be behind the sun
Now let these things be done.
It’s one of those days.”

We had iced-up beer
In the park with the picnic gear
Uh huh
The salad days
Between the hoots and shouts
We were knockin’ a volleyball around
Every which way
Tan dads without no shirts
Young things tucked under skirts,
And a baby girl whose face is smirched with some dessert
Bad boys hurtin’ their bikes
Shootin’ for the world-record psyche
One of those days

Now sometime later on
God peeked from behind the sun, he said
“Looks like it’s all worked out and I can rest a while”
God had his great snooze
And through the trees a sleepy breeze blew
It was one of those days.

music and lyrics: A. Belew
from the album ‘Mr. Music Head’

I’m posting this in honour of the fact that, for six days running, my previous post, which used the last line from this song, has racked up a respectable 104 hits, against all expectations. I don’t expect this one to do the same, either, and I’m betting it won’t. I just wanted people to know why I chose that title, and probably what I was listening to as I wrote that post.

As for E-Readers, well, I’m still loving my Kobo Touch, but I also have some dead treeware I’m reading at the moment, so you figure it out.


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