First Vblog! W00T!

Eddie Mack Avenue

Channel Limbo , ep 001 – The Introduction

Good Afternoon Macketeers,

Today is a special day here on Eddie Mack Avenue, because as you can see, I’m actually shooting this edition using our new webcam. I say new, but it was actually purchased late last summer, for more money than we’d originally planned to spend. The moral of that story is, don’t buy computer equipment from store managers who clearly came up through sales, and not the tech department.

Now, the reason I didn’t start vlogging… is it called vlogging, or is that too hipster? Anyway, back in August, I had trouble getting the video software to install properly on my PC, and so the webcam stayed on my wife’s desk for the last half of last year. Recently, however, I had to reinstall Windows 7—loads of fun—so I decided to give the webcam another try, and lo and behold…

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