Just A Few Stray Thoughts…

…about what I’d like to be doing in the next while. I want to scoot ahead and finish The Back roads of Limbo and maybe Poison Pen Letters From Limbo, so I can publish them and mayb emake some dough. Same goes for Hot Nights in Limbo, which I think is also nearer to completion than the next LinkTales book.

I’d like to get to work on the new songs for The Whole Other Half, as I’ve been dickering with old tracks from Bisecting a Circumference and that one track, Here It Comes Again, for months. Songs I’ve been sitting on for almost a decade are still lined up waiting for their chance to be demoed at long last.

I also want to start getting Derrick and Gary working on and reworking the music for the next Etcetera album, which I’m hoping will a) be called Steep Inclinations, and b) be released in 2013. I want it to be Etcetera’s first true Progressive Rock album, since I always said we were a progressive rock band, and would like to have an album to prove it. I have what looks like a double album lined up so far, but I’m goign to rework the selected music and write lyrics for them, which should make things quite a bit different than the demo jams I’ve logged in so far.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even manage to sew it together as a proper concept album, when I write the lyrics. That would be extremely gratifying for me. A life’s goal achieved. We’ll see. I’d be happy with a double album that didn’t suffer the double album curse, for one thing, and I figure that we’ve got enough backlogged ideas to make sure whatever we put on this album won’t be flabby or long-winded. I just want that one statement. I can rest easy after that. Let go of a lot of frustration. I can easily live with less ambitious albums after that, unless the guys really want to keep going. Just one big prog rocker. That’s all I ask.

My wife is trying to find computer-based karaoke software, so we can get more singing out of our Wii, but so far, she’s having little luck getting the usb Wii karaoke mike and her computer to play nicely.

I’ve still got a big video to finish editing, and two smaller clips for another post, involving the cats out in the snow. I’ll have to get to work on that sometime today or tomorrow, if I don’t get bogged down with the projects I’m working on at the moment.

And finally, I have art that needs to be completed. I’ve just been so burned out on art over the past few days, and haven’t wanted to think about it. I figure I’ll dive back in tomorrow or the day after, and get to work on a bit of logo design that stands to net me a few dollars, before getting back to The Book Cover that Wants To Kill Me.

Time to get to work sorting out these lyrics and then go see about finishing a few ebooks.


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