Ich Bin Der Chrome Dinette

I’ve been up for a few hours listening to some pretty interesting music, some of which is quite new to me, but some of which is very old and rather uncannily odd in places. Yes, I’ve been digging through  my Frank Zappa collection again. Not only that, but I’ve found a new(ish) Frank Zappa release, Feeding the Monkies at Ma Maison, which was released posthumously last year. I can’t believe how much music was released last year that I had no idea about. Anyway, I’m looking into borrowing a copy to review, so you have that dubious bit of news to look forward to, unless your an avid Frank fan like me, in which case, it’s a better day already.

I have a web cam pointed at me even as you read this. I haven’t decided whether to turn it on and film me saying/doign something or not. Video editing is work, and I have too much of it to do already. I might script something, or maybe read an excerpt from one of my novels. That might be a cool experiment. I wonder what I should read. Maybe something from Terminal Monday. Maybe the Life on Mars sequence. It’s one of my favourites in the whole novel. Or perhaps I should do a segment from The Bride of War. Maybe The Dragon’s Road. That’s a good bit.

I’d talk about other stuff, but right now, I’m still ingesting caffeine to wake my brain for today’s exercises. Maybe later. Thanks for reading.


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