Things I Made…

…in the last 24 hours:

I did this for Elizabeth Bear, based on the A Softer World comic strip format, and using a series of statements she made to a friend in IM. I guess I should make a poignant statement for the rollover. The Bear is awesome. So are Roy Batty and his dove. Three great things in one great comic strip = Awesome³

Godwin's Law be damned! I'm mad at this criminal in a cardigan snookering Canada into becoming the warmest, fuzziest dictatorship in world history. We need to get him out of office, pronto!

And here are a few things I made in the last week or so:

My wife loves this movie, as do I. I wrote a review for it for, but they didn't post it. Well, I have my own code for the website now, so that will never happen again, nosiree!Oddly enough, we didn't get to watch the movie this year, despite my writing the review. I've seen it enough times now that I don't need to watch it to write capsule reviews like the ones my buddy Rodney favours. Still, I've been hankering to watch it again, and now that the snow is falling at last, I might just.

I was a little peeved at learning that Matthew Broderick would be remaking scenes from Ferris Bueller's Day Off for a crummy car ad. So I made a tee shirt. No one bought it.

After I'd had time to think about it, I decided what I really wanted to do was write the damned sequel myself. I may still do so, just as an elaborate fanfic exercise. But anyway, I've got my title.

And here are just a few versions of a book cover I’ve been trying to design. I’m still not there, yet, but I’m still thinking about it:

This version is based on the ebook cover and original dust jacket version I devised, back before I got in talks to have a friend do an illsutration for me. Not sure if he's still interested, but I've been trying to revise my concept to emphasize his art, so I scrapped this variation. For now.Here I was roughing out an alternate design idea that I'm still kind of keen on, but I'm not sure how to do it without doing the full illustration myself. It needs a lot more R and D to sort out, though. Legibility might suffer if I go too far. Here's another version I was playing with that almost does what it really needs to do while still making room for a proper illustration. Problem is, I'm afraid to ask Mavinga to do so much work, including render the logo. I may simply do a rough sketch and ask him to do the illustration his way, and make my logo fit his painting.

Well, that’s it for Show & Tell today. Thanks for reading.


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