Slow, Lazy Update

Sorry for no posty today. I was a bit busy helping some dear friends get moved into their new house. I didn’t really get much done this morning before leaving because I was wrestlign to get some old archived graphics files moved off of a disc to my backup network drive. Sadly, the disc refused to give up its sacred payload, and both my PC and MAc refused to beat it into submission. To top it off, it so totally choked my PowerBook that I’m actually going to have to take it apart to get the disc out of there*.

So yeah, not too much with the posty today.

Now, I just wanted to pop in and say I’m listening to The Black Country Communion’s second album again, and it still sounds great, even months after I reviewed it. I love it when that happens.

That’s all I’ve got. More moving-type stuff tomorrow. I’ll try to post something before I go.


* YES, I know about the left click mouse trick, the iTuens trick, the Terminal trick, the Disk Utility trick, the Command+Option+O+F trick and the Option key reboot trick, and NONE of them worked. I even used the insert-thin-object-to-flip-bracer-arm-back-and-hit-eject-key trick. No dice. Believe me, the only answer left, AFAIK, is to dissect the laptop and take the disc out by hand.

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