We Flew In…

Okay, I managed to muff my own title the other day, but can you blame me? I’ve spent the last two days helping one of my dearest friends and her polyamorous family to get their possessions all moved into the new house. The looks of exhaustion mingled with the sense that they were becoming a complete unit with all of their possessions  under one roof for the first time since coming together as a trio (plus adorable kidlet)… it kind of made me wish I’d been able to sneak some photos or maybe some video footage to remember them by. It was worth the effort and the slightly injured palm to give these three wonderful people some measure of peace of mind.

Today, they’re probably unpacking and setting things on newly-rebuilt shelves, so really, there’s no room for Dawn and I to be getting under foot. But I trust they’ve got it under control.

As for me, well, it’s going to be a writing day, despite my predilection towards making music. I’m well and truly behind, and want to get at least one book ready for the end of the month. The book, you ask? the Back Roads of Limbo, one of my anthologies, and a rather mixed bag at that. It has a few chapters of material I’ve written over the years and had trouble finding a home for, as well as some new and incomplete bits I’m just trying to polish off. I think it will be great. It’ll certainly be great to have some of these stories, which have been read by few if any people in several years, to finally possibly be read by a real audience. So looking forward to it.

After that gets out the door, I may devote some time to Sterling Carcieri, although I also have a strong inclination to get back to work on LinkTales vol II. Both have a lot done, but much, much more yet to write. This writing gig… it suits me, but it would be nice if I started getting actual attention for it.

It occurs to me that this polyamory thing is something I’ve been circling around for a while. I have polyamorous people in two of my novels (The Bride of War and Terminal Monday). It’s a wonder I don’t talk about it more. Perhaps an article for another day.

Time to get back to it. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.


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