About Those Cookies I Promised…

…I finished recording Out of Time, and while the parts aren’t as polished as they ought to be, it sounds like a good song now. I just need to tweak the sound a little more to get things to come clear, because right now, the track is a wee bit muddy.

I’m considering staging an event to debut the song, so I’m not going to play the current version for you. It’s too close to completion at this point, so I’m only playing it for select people at the moment, to get their advice.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting to hear back about the re-categorization of Terminal Monday. I’m no longer calling it Erotica, owing to the vast difference between what I wrote and what Erotica usually entails.

Gonna take the rest of the day off to rest and maybe install some software on my laptop to edit the video I shot today while recording. Hope everyone else is having a decent day.


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