A Little Girl and a Parakeet Are Singing To Me

It’s a seriously blustery day outside right now. If you come to visit Limbo today, dress warm, drive carefully, and don’t dally in the parking lot.

Adrian Belew’s Mr. Music Head is a great solution to any moodiness you may be experiencing. Try it.

Limbonese Urban Mini Panthers do not care for blustery days. FYI.

Campbell’s Chunky Chicken and Vegetable ‘Soup’ is really mostly corn starch with some chunks of food drowning in it. I don’t recommend it.

The Limbo Central Public Library is relatively large, and it has lots of stuff in it that it didn’t have before the modernization took place, but all said and done, I think it’s lost a lot of its charm. I may have to sneak in there with some wood panelling and plush carpeting.

Wally Parr Sausages aren’t that bad, really.

My bathroom has a huge whole in its wall. Well, actually, what it has is a huge gap where part of the wall used to be. I should show you. Hang on *fetches his wife’s camera*

It's been like this for three days, and will be so for at least another two or three. Fun.

If Adrian Belew’s Mr. Music Head is a little too artsy or fluffy for you, you may prefer his Inner Revolution, which rocks mightily. I consider it a very big influence on my own work. HUGE, even. Right up there with the guys from Genesis, who are like unto gods in Limbo. And if you happen to LIKE Ade’s artsy stuff, try Op Zop Too Wah, a fabulously hooky but eccentric recording made around the time Frank Zappa died.

Actually, many of Frank’s former acolytes made interesting recordings around that time. I should try to put together a compilation of stuff recorded by Zappa Alumnus around the year Frank died. Very enlightening, particularly if you had followed their careers up to that point. They all seemed to be turning in career-defining works, as if anticipating Frank’s passing, and wanted to honour him before he left. Doesn’t hurt that his release around that time was Yellow Shark, which was a career high for him, too.

I recorded a rock video the other day, and posted it, and it’s been viewed about 30 times, that’s nice. Not life-changing, but nice. Sadly, something is still missing, as if I forgot part of the ritual and haven’t received whatever gratification I was needing from it. Very frustrating.

I have to go drop off the rent cheque. Then I’m going to go curl up with the first Library collection of Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder series. Have a great weekend.


Don’t you think about tomorrow. Don’t you drink a drop of sorrow. Don’t you look upon the past, or wonder why. ~Adrian Belew, Big Blue Sun

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