Things I MIGHT Spend Time On Today…

– Revise Plot for THE ART OF WORDS
– Read Finder library collection 1 by Carla Speed McNeil
– Play The Next BIG Thing
– Play Lost Horizon
– Play Skyrim
– Write a review of one of the previous three games, for LimboInteractive
– Write a music review for one of the dozen albums from last year I own that I still haven’t reviewed
– Read Caitlin R. Kiernan’s The Red Tree
– Read Warren Ellis’ Crooked Little Vein (yes, I’ve been putting it off)
– Watch cartoons and eat soup
– Play music by Genesis and dick around on the internet all day.

Please note that there is nothing on there about recording songs, drawing logos or book covers, or writing short stories. I’m taking the day off.

As You Were.


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