A Few Thoughts For a Tuesday Afternoon

– I’m trying to sort out The Art of Words. I have long columns of little bits of index card with single words on them covering a huge sketchbook on my desk. Also got Freeplane running on the laptop to record the threads I make up using the index cards. I call it the TAROT system of writing.
– I’m recording a new song. It’s a song I won’t be sharing until it’s absolutely finished. Not even going to share the title. Only that it was written for someone special.
– I’m negotiating with an acquaintance to see if he’d like to record some guitar parts for me. Gonna let him pick something to play with, and send him a backing track.
– I shared my old instrumental version of On My Mind with the folks on a Tony Banks fan page on Facebook. Waiting to see if anyone likes it or sees how I identify Tony Banks in my style.
_ I’ve been tweaking some logo stuff and lettering lately, but still haven’t completed my cover drawing. Haven’t heard from Mavinga in a while, either, Suspect he’s written me off, which is as much as I deserve. Ah well. Probably for the best if I don’t over complicate my plans.
– Haven’t written any fiction in at least a week. Got to find time and ambition to get back to that.
– Going to be working at Jenn’s old house tomorrow, getting it gussied up for market, so they can sell it and settle into their new house properly. Should be an adventure, from what they said in the email request.
– spent a large part of this morning tweaking guitar sounds on my buddy’s effects peddle unit. Too many noises with way, WAY too much distortion/white noise. I managed to get them all down to a dull roar, but I figure Gary will want to change them to sounds he can use more. I’ll work on that with him next time he’s around. Should go better than last time, when we had to stop because of too many jet engine effects.
– Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder is pretty good stuff. If you never checked it out (like me) you should. There’s a reason it won an Eisner Award.
– Smashwords and I managed to dodge the bullet about Terminal Monday last week, by deciding that it wasn’t really Erotica, so I recategorized it Western Literature.
– That said, PayPal is on my shit list for pulling their censorship stunt. If and when I find a viable alternative to PayPal, I may consider jumping ship, if they’re going to continue along this line.
– My music video for Out Of Time has received about 56 hits in six days so far. It’s averaging about ten a day, but I do believe it’s finally stalling out. Shame, I was kind of eager to see if it made 100 before Saturday. Ah well, it’s not bad for an old geezer with no audience. It’s my most viewed video to date, so that’s cool, at any rate.

Time to go get something posted on Eddie Mack Avenue. I’ve been shirking all afternoon.


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