The Invitation

I’m going to put my neck on the block today and hold a protest rally in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, over the allegations of ‘Robo-Calling’ Voter Fraud in the May 2011 Federal Election here in Canada. There are a lot of reasons why this government is NOT supposed to be in office:

– The Harper Government™ were held in contempt of Parliament back in March, which is considered a federal offence here in Canada. Harper should have been ousted then and there, his government dissolved, and his seat vacated. Instead, he called an election, and–lo and behold–won a ‘majority’ government. I don’t even believe the timing on all of that was an accident. It’s like the whole contempt charge was staged for maximum effect, just so he could call for an election at a time when most Canadians were fed up with going to the polls every six months.

– Harper and his cronies spent milions more in campaign funds than is permitted by Canadian law.

– Harper and his campaign people were campaigning on the day of the election, which is also illegal in Canada.

– Every time Harper gets backed into a corner, someone gets thrown under a bus in his stead, and he walks away Scott Free. It’s not a wonder he’s so contemptuous of us.

– Harper keeps trying to spend billions of our tax dollars to buy stealth jets we don’t need, to protect tar sands we don’t want, and a pipeline neither we nor the States will give him.

– Harper changed the name of our government from ‘The Government of Canada’ to ‘The Harper Government’. They’ve been downplaying that, recently, but still…

– Also, he had all of the portraits of the Prime Ministers removed from 24 Sussex Drive, the home of the Prime Minister, to be replaced by portraits of himself. Think about that.

– But finally, the most important issue to date is taht, in the May 2011 election, The Harper Government managed to wangle about 53% of the seats in Parliament, giving him a majority. But the really interesting thing is how many votes it took to get him those seats: around 4000. He was only voted for by about 39% of the population. If the other parties had formed a coalition government based on the number of votes they received, they would have swept him out of office. But he won the Right Seats, and he did it by tens and hundreds in highly contested ridings (some of which fell due to some mysterious circumstances), not thousands, as his so-called mandate would have you believe.

The fact is, Elections Canada has been looking into the matter fro some time, and their conclusions are being contested by the Harper government, who are refusing to offer any information, and merely challenge us to prove he did something wrong. Rather than own up or try to explain away the discrepancies, he has been churlish and presumptuous that we cannot possibly know what really went on back there. It doesn’t matter to him that many of us have lost faith in him, even before these charges against his government. He’s either a criminal mastermind, or criminally incompetent.

The list actually goes on a fair ways, and says nothing about the supposed scandals attributed to his underlings. He’ll pass the buck on anything to preserve his teflon coating. The man handles his opposition like they’re petulant children, and got away with it for years until the late, great Jack Layton gave him something to worry about: Competition.

And then Jack got into opposition. And then he died. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who thought that was mighty convenient, either. I’m not saying anything… I’m just saying.

Canada is still a democracy. It’s still a free country. We still ahve the right to speak up, to speak out, to air our grievances and make our lack of confidence known.

But the thing that has most of us history buffs worried is, for how much longer?


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