Flattr-ing Myself

I’ve decided, after much humming and hawing, to try a new experiment: I’ve signed up with Flattr, a micropayment site. I’m doing this in the hope that, if you like what you’re reading and want me to keep up with my blogging, that you might sign up with Flattr and start clicking the little Flattr button to donate a wee bit of money to my cause. I don’t expect it, but it would be a nice gesture, especially since blogging the way I do actually eats into my creative/work time, which basically means I’m frittering away money-making time to do this whole blogosphere thing, which I love, but still, I need food. It’s that simple.


So there we go. Monetizing my blogging habit. Look at me go!



  1. Hi Lee,

    Welcome to Flattr. I noticed that you also publish literature, music – these could actually be better fit with Flattr as readers, listeners, followers, fans seem to get more perceived value out of those. We’re actually seeing better with with Flattr+music (for example with bands/musicians who upload to Soundcloud). The minimum is to slap a Flattr button next to the freely available music of yours.

    Of course as always a little bit of explanation about what Flattr is, how it works and what’s your goal with it (funding the next album? domain/server costs? fancy dinner for your wife/dog/parents?).

    Greetings from Flattr.

    1. I appreciate your comment. I’ve got a rather ungainly number of projects I’ve been trying to monetize, and wanted to find a way to offer readers of my blog a chance to help crowdfund my pursuits, which are a large part of what my blog is about. The album reviews you see are kind of a sideline that seems to be increasing my readership, but it’s a very time-consuming process that doesn’t half much of a shelf life. As soon as one album’s been out for a few weeks, the interest drops off. But my main purpose is to get some money coming in, because frankly, I’m sinking in debt trying to get my writing and music careers started.

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