The Whole Other Half – Pre-Orders Available Now

Coming JUNE 5th, 2012

Pre-orders may seem a bit mercenary, but frankly, they make sure that I deliver the album on time. The biggest impediment to my getting work done these days is the lack of money around here and what it’s doing to my marriage and my nerves. The album is going to happen whether people pre-order or not, but without money, I’m basically just guessing and hoping for early June. Fact is, It could take me months to finish this record at the rate or interruptions I’ve had lately. There are going to be seventeen titles on the album, nine of them part of a big half hour long suite. So it’s going to be a lot of music, and you can sample it by buying the first two tracks and downloading them, if you hadn’t already back when they were under-mixed and available for free.

I’d love to make the album happen faster, but really, it’ll take me at least a few more weeks to get all of the tracks recorded, let alone mixed, which takes me days to sort out how the tracks should all sound by themselves and sitting next to each other on the album. I won’t issue physical albums until I have all of the real graphics and the packaging and such sorted out, and by that time, the mixes will be finalized and balanced and sequenced to fit snugly against one another as if on a real CD.

So, what do you say? Pre-order my album? Help me pay my bills, so I can focus on making the album? Maybe pay a few people to play the parts I’m going to have trouble with (violin, flute, sax)? The asking price is $10.00 CAD, but for the generous and the ambitious, you can offer to pay more. No, really. Think of it as crowd funding. If you contribute more than the minimum price, I’ll offer you a bonus: I’ll share with you some of the original, full-length mixes of the song segments that are being assembled into the half hour suite.

I’ve got to work out the logistics of tracking and rewarding generous contributors, but that’s my plan at the moment. If any new songs come up between now and then, you’ll be the first to know. I still have at least one more album’s worth of solo lyrics waiting for me to record them into another album. Sitting on songs for over a decade can do that for a guy.

Okay, there’s a mountain of other stuff I also have to get done, including the dishes. Gotta go. Thanks for reading, gang.


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