Thursday, Watch The Walls Instead

So, it’s been a pretty interesting day here in Limbo. My knee is aching for no good reason, and my songwriting partner had to cancel on me, so I spent the Afternoon recording what turned out to be less-than-stellar backing and lead vocals to one of the new songs. I’ll have to do it all over again tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll know what went wrong by then, so I don’t waste much time fixing it. I still have a number of songs to put together, and I can’t be dickering with one song for days on end if I’m going to hit my deadline.

In other news, I wrote a review last night that I finished and posted early this morning. And as a consequence, I’ve had the most visitors to this site that I’ve ever had in one day. Most gratifying, though of course, it IS just one review of dozens that did it, so I’m not letting it go to my head.

What I AM letting go to my head is the concern that I’ve had over a thousand visitors, and almost no one knows that I write books. There wasn’t a single click on any of my books in My Book Shelf. I’m not surprised; just mildly disappointed. Life goes on.

One of today’s visitors mentioned that I babble and whine too much. This is probably true. *looks at previous paragraph… moves away quietly*

Anyway, for those few who are thinking about staying, I would just like to mention that, yes, I do put my money where my mouth is: I make music.
I also write novels and sell them in ALL Ebook formats, in most ebook stores.
I cartoon, though not as often as I ought.
And I do graphic design for money. Here’s some of what I’ve done.
I also also maintain another blog, which is supposed to be dedicated to talking about writing, but has really just become another place for me to talk about my stuff, whatever I happen to be working on at the time. It’s called Eddie Mack Avenue.
And I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and many other social networking sites. I tend to repost a lot of stuff from my blogs on those sites, but I also post and comment on those sites a fair bit.

Right. Time for bed. Hope everyone who is still reading this has had a great day. Thanks for joining me. Ta.


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