Asking Me To Stay When She’s Out of Range

Bon Giorno, Mackaholics!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts this past week. Sadly, I’m without internet right now. Not sure when that will get straightened out, as I’m planning on moving to a new ISP, but first I’ve got to pay off my old ISP, who decided to drop me in a while over a sum of money I’ve made them wait for before without difficulty. The person who suggested it’s a seller’s market must have been talking about something else, methinks. I should really pay better attention when people start spouting platitudes.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve been cooped up in the apartment working on the album, which is coming along, but I’m worried it’s going to take longer than planned. I’m listening to what I’ve got so far as I type this, and it sounds pretty cool, but there are a LOT of mistakes to correct and a fair bit of remixing to do before it will be a polished product.


Do I:
A) work as fast as I can and release the album on June 5th regardless of the flaws and learn to live with them?
B) hold the album back until later in the month, after I’ve had a chance to polish up the tracks that need rerecording and such?
C) realise that no one is going to buy the album regardless, so I might as well quit now and go back to writing my novels?

At any rate, I’m posting this from my mother’s place, where I am expected to do yard work this weekend, so I’m gonna log off early and get out there. Hope everyone has had a great week, that no one got any really bad news (oh please tell me nobody got really bad news), and that everyone who loved me last week still loves me this week. Talk to you again soonish. Thanks for reading.

Your Impoverished Uncle Eddie.

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