Things I Wish I Could Do

Talking about what I wish I could do is probably the least popular thing I can do, as Stephen Fry recommends talking about other people and not so much about yourself. So I’ll endeavour to keep it brief, because it’s 5:%0 AM and I can’t think of anything else to talk about except myself and what I wish I could do. So here goes:

I wish I could:
– Play piano more naturally. When I sit or stand in front of a piano and try to play it, I sound laughable, and I used to be a keyboard player in a band, too. Practice is the only answer. Might be corrected if and when my mother finally sends over the upraight piano she’s been threatening to get rid of.
– Play lead guitar with mroe facility. This one is just about practice, but these days, it’s also about my aging hands getting sore before I’ve gotten much done on guitar. Not an excuse. Again, practice is the only answer.
– Draw with more zeal and facility. I find it difficult to sit in front of a drawing table for any amount of time, mostly because I don’t enjoy seeing how weak my drawing skills are these days. Once more–say it with me–practice is the only answer.
– Pick out chords and scales by ear better, so I could learn songs with greter ease. Something I’m not entirely convinced practice can help, because I have a TERRIBLE memory. I remember a few songs I’ve taught myself, but most of the covers I’ve practiced have abandoned me. Still, the only option I have is practice.
– Sing in the range I had in my twenties and early thirties. I used to be a Counter Tenor. That’s a range of about A3 to E5, and I sang modally, which means I didn’t sing nasally, because I hate those nasal tones in my voice (or most anybody else’s, for that matter). Yes, it was highly unlikely. No, it was not easy, although it probably came a little too easy to me, because I didn’t really hav emuch formal training, and I definitely didn’t take very good care of my voice, which might explain why I’ve lost so much of that range. These days, I’m singing a fairly wodgy alto, which isn’t bad, but even the lower and upper portions of that range don’t sound as coonvincing as they might otherwise sound, and a lot of my high range is pretty nasal now. *sigh* Have I mentioned that I hate nasal singing? Anyway, I’m going to be taking a voice clinic at the hospital, to see if I can get my voice back in shape. One of the big problems is, my voice is only good for so long these days. I can only get out a few takes or a few songs before my voice goes to shit. Practice might be the answer, but it’s hard to see how at the moment.
– Understand a few other languages better. I’d like to be able to speak and sing a few of the classic major European languages, like French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Hebrew/Yiddish. Sadly, while I picked up some French in highschool and afterwards, my facility for languages isn’t as good as I would like. Say it with me: Practice is the only answer.
– Paint with greater finish. The only answer? Practice, man, practice.
– Earn money better, so I could afford a bigger place, more gear, perhaps a vehicle to transport the gear with, and a designated office and studio space to work in without interrupting or bothering my wife. A bad back, some aching joints, and a highly unreliable brain (Bipolar Disorder trips me up a fair bit, even with meds) make this difficult, and practice is not, to the best of my knowledge, the answer.

Okay, I went on longer than I wanted to. Still, that’s the list of things I wish I could do better. Everything else I should be doing better I feel confident I could do better with very little effort. It’s mainly these things that give me problems at present.

So that’s your post for this week. Thanks for reading.


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