You Can Almost Hear The Chemicals Running Through Their Veins

So, I’m still here. From yesterday’s response, I can tell that you folks aren’t used to me being back on WPdotcom. We, it’ll be a little longer before I get the website back up and running, due to a little overindulgence yesterday.

So, today is going to be a makeup writing day. I still don’t have my short story finished, and I’m not entirely sure the one I’m working on is right for the job, since it does make sly use of a famous fictional character I don’t own. It doesn’t do so directly, but it’s there, just the same. I may be able to tweak these things a bit to remove the offending fictionaut, but at this stage in the story, I’m not sure how. It might just be better to finish the story and move on to the next.

Part of me wants very much to just go back to bed.
Part of me wants to wake up in another country.
Part of me… well, probably wants to do something pornographic, so the less said about that, the better.

Got Genesis’ ABACAB album playing in the headphones. Ate the last of the donuts. Drinking coffee.

Time to write fiction. Something something. *mutter grumble*


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