Always Be Crazy Til The Day I Die

Listening to solo Roger Taylor (of Queen, not Duran Duran) and drinking tea to get my day started. I have to start generating more (free) graphics for a couple of upcoming events in my neighbourhood, so I’m going to be a little busy. I’m thinking I might write another rock album review for one of the albums I’ve been procrastinating on. I’ve got a short list of albums I planned on reviewing, including Marillion and Soundgarden. I just haven’t been in that groove lately.

I should be writing Booyah or Sterling. This is prime Sterling weather. It always seems to be the beginning of summer when I do some serious writing for Sterling, but that’s not true. Winterlude was exactly that; a wintry Sterling story written in the winter. I would just like to finish the summer story, so I can finally publish it and everyone can see what all the fuss was about. Having said that, I genuinely hope it’s worth the wait.

Those paintings are staring at me balefully. I haven’t felt the urge to finish them, since I managed to more or less ruin the most intense of them. I really just want to buy new canvases and start over. They didn’t really turn out the way I’d planned. I just needed to put some paint on canvas to get into the groove again. Still got the larger canvases to work on, but I’m reluctant to continue in the vein I started in. These small canvases are abstracts like my older work, but they just aren’t as good. I simply don’t paint like that any more, and it bothers me that I can’t recapture that sense of wonderful discovery in the imagery I accidentally create.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good day for a change. Lots of strange, sad, desperate things happening in the world lately, and all the old rock stars and icons are dying one by one. Good bye, Ray Manzarek. Good bye Trevor Bolder. Andy Johns and Storm Thorgerson last month. I won’t ask the obvious, stupid question. Just noting, they seem to be going faster than usual. How long before I lose another one really close to home?

Sorry for the downbeat ending. Talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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