Because I Haven’t Changed, I’m Still The Same

Listening to the last three Asia albums, thinking that they really did have a lovely renaissance with the classic line-up reconstituted. Not true prog Rock, but then, Asia rarely achieved true Prog status, and whenever they strayed into Prog territory, they were largely ignored, which is a shame, considering their pedigree.

Anyway, the new kid will have pretty big damn shoes to fill. He’d better be amazing. (Good luck, kid).

My wife has been to tend to her garden, and now we’re basically killing a bit of time before we go to my mother’s to clean up and tend to her garden.

I’ve started yet another project that may or may not see the light of day; I’ve started working on a Bible for the Link Continuum. so far, I’m calling it LinkWorlds Bible, but that may change, even though I’ve cobbled together a preliminary cover:

LinkWorlds Bible cover 001


As you can see, very basic so far. I may gussy it up with some illustration or vector graphics. I just haven’t had much time. I also started the actual first phase of the book, but it’s mainly stuff I’ve already published. the starting blocks of the new book. Gonna just collect my ideas and then show what I’ve got to Rod and let him stew things over before adding his content and ideas.

Thinking it’s time to get back to work on Sterling Carcieri (The Uninvited Guest Quadriptych). The summer heat is more or less upon us, minus a few cool rainy days, so it’s time to start thinking about that office below the hot front room with the steel frame bed and the Art Deco print silk sheet and Sterling waking up in various states of unsettled and miserable before starting another day of work with no pay.

Somehow, I have to fit in writing The Approximate Distance to Limbo (which needs editing and reworking, I figure) and the Passage to Bujah trilogy. I could probably bang them out in a matter a few months if I just focussed on them and nothing else, but that doesn’t seem possible right now. We’re too involved in local politics and volunteer activities. I think after the summer is over, I’m going to be stepping back from all of that for a bit to get some work done.

I had hoped that I would have a band recruited and rehearsed to do some summer gigging by now, but I never quite managed to organize that properly, and frankly, I need a few new pieces of live gear I simply can’t afford right now. Creates a few problems for me, after having rushed to get my albums recorded and mixed last year. They just sound amateurish and sloppy now. I guess I still like them, but I’m probably the only one. I was hoping a live band playing the songs would give them new life and polish up those ridiculous flaws I left in because I got so used to hearing them I just thought they needed to be there. Not sure how I feel now, except that every so often, I wish I could justify relearning and rerecording virtually all of those parts.

There is also new music I need to focus on, but I’m thinking it isn’t going to happen this year. Half the year is gone, and I’ve made so little progress, and I have books to write… there just doesn’t seem to be enough time these days.

Time seems to be one of the two things I can’t ever get enough of. The other, of course, is money. I’m not a greedy soul. Not really. I just don’t have enough to work with here. We’re not in dire straits, but we’re short on a lot of necessities most of the time. I’m also too dependent upon my mother for cleaning money, which never goes far enough. It’s ridiculous to say it, but We’re barely keeping our heads above water, and I know people who are getting by (barely) on much less.

Okay, enough of that.

Time to change the cat box and get ready to go, I think. Thanks for reading.


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