All We Need To Do Is Keep Talking

So I saw a commercial for Pennington’s today. Two rather lovely plus-sized models posing in an alluring fashion wearing some very nicely printed underwear (or were they bikinis? I sometimes can’t tell the difference, these days). Of course I was reminded of my lovely wife, who occasionally shops at Pennington’s (when we can afford to, and they have something on the racks that isn’t too frou-frou), but it also reminded me of Trina Magrethe, the Moustress from The Gas Mask Chronicles and The Art of Words, both mature graphic novels I have planned that aren’t anywhere near completion yet. *sigh*

I’ve got the title page… but that’s really not enough.

I sort of intended to do it as an interactive graphic novel, so it would be computer-based, though the artwork and lettering would be hand-drawn and then digitally coloured. I still plan on doing it. However, I need time and money. I think I need to do some demo art and finish writing the story segments, so it can be implemented quickly. then I need to finally settle on the platform needed to make it truly interactive. Then I have to start doing all of the panel art, which is where I think I need to consider crowdfunding. Problem is, I don’t have a very big following, and almost nobody is buying my art or writing right now, so I have very little to believe anyone will fund my project. I need to plan it out carefully. Maybe digitally build my establishing shots. If I can just put together a few really impressive images and then do a few videos, and of course devise some decent rewards, I might be able to pull it off.

But another thing I really need to do is consider getting some help. It really is a lot of work, and if I get crowdfunding for it, people are going to want to see results, and fast, or they’ll never back me again. I wish my friend Dawn McKechnie had time and interest in such a project, because I keep thinking her art style might be a perfect fit for this project; Bottle City futuristic buildings and mature but tasteful depictions of men and women, occasionally doing tastefully obscured sexual things.

I haven’t seen her artwork in years, but when I try drawing Trina, I keep thinking, ‘how would Dawn do this?’

It’s possible that I need to start thinking about other artists. I just don’t know who else I’d feel as comfortable working with. *sigh*

Anyway, I’ve got stuff I should be doing today. Lots of stuff. I’d better choose something and see that it gets done. So thank you for reading. Have a great day.


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