Transmission Resumes

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I’ve been told never to apologize for not posting, and it sounds like good advice on the face of it, but I like to think I’m building a rapport as well as a repository for my insane ramblings here, and I feel somewhat responsible to you fine people. So for the record, I apologize for the service disruption of the past week. I DID maintain a series of blog posts over at my old WordPress site, and going forward, I’m going to be cross-posting my articles adn such there as well as here, to maintain some kind of mirror in case this happens again.

So, without further ado, thanks for hanging in there, and here’s a little something I did some time ago but hadn’t posted before, to amuse you for your patience:
Feed The People v2 (PC version)

This was dreamed up as an idea based on people sacrificing their front yard lawns to create vegetable gardens. This was also the more PC version, as my wife saw the original version and advised me to do a more positive, uplifting one. You can thank her for that.

For those of you who aren’t so PC:
Feed The People v1 (Non PC version)

I was feeling a teensy bit militant about the subject on the day, which is odd for me, as my wife is the gardener in this family, not me.

Still… if anyone would like a tee shirt of either of these designs, please notify me and I’ll post them on RedBubble for you.

And that’s it for show and tell today. Welcome back, and thanks for your patronage, so to speak.

Farmer Lee.

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