But All I Do Now

Good morning, Limbonauts.

So I’m just about to settle down and perhaps do a bit of writing, if anything comes out. It’s five ayehm. I’ve been up for hours, and already consumed a 16oz mug of tea.The chances of me going back to bed are slim.

Three (I think) things:

1) The current hit count for the last year and a half for my most popular CvS blog (post Julian Lennon’s lovebomb), my TERMINAL MONDAY excerpt, The Last Love Scene, is currently at 1383. This particular excerpt has been getting an average of three hits a day for the last year, without fail. It’s a rare, weird day where no one Googles up some combination of the words ‘love/sex scene excerpt’ and finds themselves stranded on my page about a writer trying to script doctor a love scene for a movie, and imagining himself in a conversation with the protagonists. I trust that the scene is so weird, it beggars description, because I have not received a single comment on this landmark excerpt in eighteen months. Not one comment. Not even a ‘favourite’ or a ‘share’ or whatever we call these things on WordPress. No one likes my story. They just keep showing up and being monumentally disappointed by the lack of… well, whatever it is they came to see. See, I didn’t rip them off, because the scene does actually play out with a bit of screen sex, but it’s one of the shortest, least graphic sex scenes in the book, because Richard is trying to inject what the producers want, without pissing off the original screenwriter. In context with the rest of the book, it makes perfect sense, I assure you. But yeah, despite adding a long-winded explanation to the top of the excerpt, still no comments. Weird.

2) Colleen Doran’s artwork from the cancelled series Reign of the Zodiac is some of the most beautiful sequential art I have ever seen.

3) Sparks’ ‘Dick Around’ single is still profoundly important to me.

4) (Oops) I still have to edit out the whole sex scene in chapter 17 of tAD2L and rewrite it to tell the story of a failed porn actor who writes a one man play about becoming a former porn star-turned-evangelist.

Totally not getting work done. Time to go. Have a great week, and remember, it’s almost over, so enjoy what’s left of 2013 while it lasts.

Thanks for reading.


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