Come Back To Me, Oh My Love

Okay, I’ve been a bit busy over the last day or so, but I’m back for a moment. Hope it’ll suffice.

Today’s lyrical title comes from The Millionaire’s Waltz by Queen. Just saving you the trouble of Googling it.

I’m selling off my books. Well, that’s how it feels. I only have three sets left, and they’re all spoken for. Time to order more, it seems. Not sure how many to get. Shipping and customs costs are kinda murder.

I’ve been doodling little cartoons and signatures in some of the books. It’s not something I ever seriously thought I’d have to get good at so they sort of suck at the moment, but they’re improving as I go.

I have to spend a bit more time trying to finish my cartoon demo of the infographic I want to present at tomorrow’s PB meeting. There hasn’t been enough time. And I’m not sure I’m going to be able to present my little promo ideas. They may not be needed in any case. I just feel that the gang needs to hear and see this stuff to make a fully informed decision. That’s me: always looking for alternatives.

I think I have a rant in me, but I’m going to spare you. It’s snowing outside, there’s Queen on the WinAmp, and I have graphics and cartoon drawings to cobble together. I also have to sell a few books to a dear friend. And those dishes await.

So thank you for reading. Stay warm and dry. Be well, or get well soon, whichever is more appropriate.


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