One Month In

So the calendar tells me it’s Saturday, February 1st, 2014. At this point, it should be clear to most of you that it hasn’t been an exemplary start to a year that I was hoping would be the year I kickstart my writing/art/music career into high gear and actually make some inroads into profit and name recognition. I’ve been busy with PB most of the month, and sick for almost all of it. I HAVE sold two sets of printed books, which has netted me the most profit I have seen from my written work since I started self-publishing. It’s really encouraging, even if it basically involved selling books to my close friends, which, though flattering in its own way, is not actually ideal. But hey, I SOLD BOOKS!

I also sold another ebook copy of NEVER APOLOGIZE, which was nice, if a meager profit. I think I should repost the ebooks for those that missed them:
never-apologize-b winterlude dream-job angela

There is more fiction to come, I’m sure of it. I’ve just been so drained and unfocused, it’s been difficult to sit myself down in front of the laptop and make myself type. I’m also aware that one of the volumes I have been working on will probably need to have a few stories removed, because I’m no longer certain that it’s a good idea to publish them. Maybe later, or perhaps under a pseudonym; I don’t know. They’re not evil or horrible, but they do deal with taboos, and I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t too soon in my budding career to take a chance on such stories. I guess I’ll decide later. Plenty of stories left to write, first. And I mean plenty. I have something approaching a hundred titles to start or finish. The point of a few of these volumes was to clear the decks of old material, but somehow, they keep lingering and gaining friends.

I think there was something else I wanted to discuss, but it’s escaped me, so I guess I’ll leave it for another day. Thank you for reading.


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