Accepting All I’ve Done And Said, I Want To Stand and Stare Again

Okay, I haven’t been posting. You seven or eight regulars have probably noticed. I’ve been so busy that, even when I’m in front of the keyboard doing nothing in particular, I can’t seem to wrap my brain around a blog post. That’s not going to change any time soon. I have an absolute fuck-tonne of work to do, and no time to think about it. Very frustrating for me, especially since there’s really no extra money coming in for it.

So what shall we talk about today? Well, I suppose I could tell you that I’m listening to Peter Gabriel, thinking wistfully about my lost, much-lamented TV-series-that-will-never-return, Farscape *sigh*, and trying to decide how to reintroduce the main plot to my novel-in-progress, The Approximate Distance To Limbo. See, the second act is all sort of vignettes, which works with the flow of the book because each chapter of the first act is told from the point of view of a different supporting character. That worked great, but it peaked too soon, and now I have to consider either rewriting the whole thing, or continuing as originally planned and finding some clever way to tie all of the disparate strands together and resolve my original plot. I have a final chapter that is supposed to do that, but I keep thinking the separate chapters of act two are kind of failing to advance the main plot. Doesn’t bother me precisely, but I worry that it will bother others. They’ll see it as needless filler, so I need to get the main plot back on the horizon somehow. It didn’t bother me in 2012 when I wrote the first act, but the second act sort of fizzled, and I need to get reinvested and finish the book so I can enter it in THIS.

TO DO LIST – 2014 02 20:
1) I have a PB article, cover art and a style/layout guide to finish for the Stinson newsletter, rebranded and reconceptualized as StinZine. First issue out 2014/04/01.
2) I have to contact Ward 2 Councillor Farr about all of these Facilitator applications that have no resumes attached. Can’t judge what I can’t read.
3) I need to do the huge pile of dishes dominating our currently-deconstructed kitchen.
4) I need to finish the laundry and pick up my meds.
5) I need to contact a friend about getting together for a scotch-drinking session/PB status update.
6) I need to contact someone about a huge pile of boxes of outdated documents that MUST be shredded.
7) I believe there is a meeting tonight for SCA committee chairs that some felt I should be at, given my current PB Startup Committee SCA Rep status. I may have to contact Joanna to confirm.
8) I need to buy some food for the next three days, as money is so tight around here right now, I can bounce imaginary quarters off of it.
9) I need to contact two people who have requested copies of my books, to see if and when they want to purchase their books from me.
10) I need to sit down and do a buttload of writing, both of the novel and of a few other projects that I have been promising to finish (reviews, mainly) for a long time now.
11) I MUST work on my mural design. The deadline is weeks away and I haven’t finished a single panel.
12) I should contact my beloved Faehold friends to see if they still need to put up drywall or sort out their home recording studio woes.

I think I’ll go get dressed and start work at long last.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more… or don’t. Hey, it’s still a free country, for the moment. Get it while you can, folks. Harper’s gonna take it all away if you don’t.


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