Their Features Are Changing, Their Bodies Dissolve, And I Am Alone

TO DO LIST DU JOUR (in no particular order):
– shower/shave/brush teeth/dress
Finish reading resumés/ranking applicants
– Work on Mural Submission
– Work on StinZine cover concept
– Vacuum carpets/clean kitchen/clean bathroom/remove old kitty litter
– Receive printed resumés from councillor’s office

I’m behind again. 11,000 words in one or two days is all good and fine, but when you don’t touch the book for two days following, you are no longer Getting Things Done™. The problem is still trying to make Act Two as relevant to the plot and theme as Act One. I’m looking for some inspiration, but it’s been hard to come by with my present workload. The novel is due in about a week. I’ll be lucky if I finish it by the weekend and spend the weekend reviewing it for errors.

I sold my last two sets of printed books. I’ll be ordering more soon.

The mural concept is coming together, but I’m still shy on details, and haven’t started my finished drawings. The submission is do in a week or two, so I have to hurry.

Gotta get these resumés reviewed and ranked, so I can submit my list and get the interview process under way. More I cannot say.

I’m listening to 80s Genesis. The Brazilian is just winding down. Next up: 90s Genesis.

Dawn still apparently has a dry, hacking cough and nasal congestion, and probably still has tonsillitis. Coffee soon, methinks.

I think I’m gonna start privately rewatching Doctor Who. I’ve been jonesing. Not sure if I’ll do the classic series first, or just review New Who. My time is pretty limited.

And that’s all I’ve got. Have a good day, and thank you for reading.


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