Whenever This World Is Cruel To Me, I’ve Got You To Help Me Forgive

That IS how that line goes, right? I may have committed a mondegreen, there.

Anyway, I have done so many things so far today, it’s already a full day for me, and I have more to do.

clean cat litter
dump garbage
dump recycling
– dishes (Dawn did them for me, and cleaned the kitchen; she Rawks)
submit request for service on the new freezer, which is not working as intended
Pay Teksavvy
Pay Horizon
– Buy Money order for EIWO Canadian (Property Management)
– Continue to draw Carter Park Mural submission (running out of time)
– shop for instant coffee (have to buy big jar of Folgers; still boycotting Nestlé)
– shop for liquid cleanser
– shop for milk
– shop for lasagna stuff
– shop for yeast
– shop for Splenda
– set aside money for Out With Dad theatre showing on Friday(?) in T.O.
– Hope we’re not broke

I haven’t ordered any new print books. Maybe I will, if I get any nibbles for more customers who want personalized books.

I have started to finish Act Two of THE APPROXIMATE DISTANCE TO LIMBO, despite missing the contest deadline. I may write a third act before issuing it. I have to think about it. I only have an inkling of what I want to do in the third act, and I haven’t plotted it yet. Might need to do some serious work on it after Friday afternoon’s mural deadline passes (come what may).

The new PB Facilitator is…
…going to be chosen tomorrow night. We delayed the selection to research one or two things before committing to our choice.

The superintendent has just been to look at the freezer. Serviceman will be around tomorrow.

Guitarist Gary Falkins was by this morning to talk about getting the application for the apartment coming available in our complex. Well, it’s one way to reunite the band, at any rate (Our erstwhile drummer, Derrick Rose, has lived here for almost fifteen years, and I’ve been here for twenty).

Time to get stuff done. Have a good day.


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